Roots vs. Weeds


Any good farmer will tell you that a true field yields its fruit in time, not over night.  In the same token what we want, if it has any true value, will come over time.  Let’s look at an aspect of agriculture: roots vs. weeds.

Weeds are loud, they grow quick, make a big show, they have a big display on the surface but are an inch deep below, at the first point of friction they are displaced.  Weeds are worthless.

Roots are the foundation, the bedrock of the plant.  They grow deep!  Roots are toiled over, they take labor, nurturing, patience.  They begin as a small seed that seems unlikely to yield anything, however a plant with a deep root base endures!

When looking at the investments we make we must ask ourselves: am I sowing into weeds or growing roots.  

Have you ever seen a dandelion last through fall and winter?  It may seem so but unfortunately they do not.  

That tree in your backyard however

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