Happy Late Holiday


Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving…

A little late or early are we?

Question:  When was the last time we thought to celebrate the occasion for these holidays on anything besides February 14th, December 25th, Mid-June, Early-May, etc…?  Is the holiday the only time where we express thankfulness or love?  Think about it, we have the huge opportunity to display these immense feeling each and everyday!  How much different would the world be if one individual actually did this?

So yes, with a purpose we did not post anything on Mother’s Day.

Today, now three days late, go to your mothers and express your adoration not because it is a holiday but rather because you truly feel it.  Once you’ve done that, go to you father, do the same.  Next your siblings, do the same.  Next your friends, co workers, new acquaintances, old acquaintances, and then those whom you have wanted to meet, do the same.

Holidays aren’t an occasion to express anything, they are the exclamation point of a life lived expressing them.

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