Don’t Adhere to the Mute Button

Every single invention started from a wild idea.  Whether it be the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, 24 Hour Gyms, Tanning Salons, Dishwashers, Driver-less Vacuums, and most popularly thought to be a silly idea… The Snuggie.  These were once thought to be out-of-the-box and near insane ideas yet they are household names now… what kept these inventors from pressing the mute button?

Imagine this, you are in your room and your child calls from another room.  You are deeply enjoying your television program but you want to give your attention to your child.  Rather than saying “HUH?!” you mute the tv or radio and listen in.  By simply pressing the mute button we can tune into the things outside our immediate “box” and focus elsewhere.

Do we not do this to our great ideas?  How many times have you turned on the television, or read in a newspaper – whoever still reads those :-) – and seen a product that you had thought up months ago?  Yet when we were called to focus in, we pressed the mute button.  We still see and can touch the idea but we want to listen those outside our box more.

As we are continuing to trailblaze our way through life, let’s rebuke the mute button and have the raw audacity to go after those things that seem crazy in the beginning.  The greatest songs in the world haven’t been played yet, the greatest books not yet written, nor the best artistry seen… It all awaits those who push past the idea of “crazy” to forge into “why not”?

In closing… If these guys can do it, so can you!

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