Have you ever felt like you were at a deficit? Like you are missing that one piece that would make you whole? A body type, a job, a significant other, a car, a place to live, etc…?

We as a society have more options than ever before, whether it is meal choices, entertainment, living arrangements, whatever it could be. Anything that we could want it available – quite literally – at the click of the mouse. You want to be more driven? TD Jake’ A Purpose Driven Life can help. Want to be more cultured? Take in a few new Broadway shows. Feeling a little pudgy around the midsection? You can choose from a million and one different gyms, dietary supplements, or diets. These are called add-ons.

Amidst all of these add-ons we attain trying to fulfill a perceived hole in ourselves, a subtle idea comes to mind: what if everything we are trying to add to ourselves was already available in the one place we don’t look?

What if we decided one day, “I’m not going to give up so easily,” or “Today I won’t allow my past or present to define who I am or where I’m going,” what if the one place we haven’t looked for add-ons was already available… In us?

You could buy book and read it, but it’s up to you to apply it. You could plan out a diet and still eat McDonalds everyday. You could listen to a million motivational speakers and never change anything in your life. What is the common denominator? The answer is in us.

Don’t allow an add-on to give you what you already have. Look within first.

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